a tech hub with cascading greenery


MVRDV has won a competition to design two new buildings for Chengdu‘s Tianfu Software Park. The centerpiece of the project is a soaring 150-meter-tall tower that promises to redefine the campus skyline. Set to be a focal point, the tower boasts a corner dedicated to a full-height atrium, a pivotal element serving both functional and environmental purposes, covered with a cascade of vibrant greenery.


In our designs for both office tower and cultural centre, the atrium is key,’ says MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas.Though they take different forms – one more vertical and the other terraced and traversable – both atria serve the same Functions. They bring in greenery, they connect the buildings from bottom to top, they provide shading and ventilation that make the buildings sustainable, and most importantly, they make these buildings exciting, social places to be.’

mvrdv tianfu software park
MVRDV’s winning design includes a 150-meter-tall tower with a full-height green atrium | images © ATCHAIN



chengdu’s cutting-edge tianfu software park


Led by the Chengdu High-Tech Investment Group, the Tianfu Software Park is strategically positioned in the southeast of Chengdu, bridging the gap between urban sprawl and the surrounding hilly terrain. This juxtaposition of city and nature aligns with the Chengdu government’s ‘park city’ initiative, setting the stage for a symbiotic relationship between architecture and environment. The design incorporates fingers of greenery extending from adjacent spaces into the buildings, blending nature and innovation. Envisioned as a home for major tech companies, the cutting-edge project will encapsulates a forward-thinking ethos that is deeply embedded in the architecture.

mvrdv tianfu software park
Chengdu’s Tianfu Software Park aims to become a hub for high-tech, cutting-edge companies



the efficient design by MVRDV


The office tower, a soaring presence in the Tianfu Software Park, is shaped by the architects at MVRDV to optimize floor plate efficiency and maximize breathtaking views of the eastern mountains. Embracing nature, a finger of greenery extends skyward, forming a spectacular atrium. This semi-outdoor space, enclosed by a mesh façade, acts as a climate buffer zone, promoting passive cross-ventilation and reducing solar gain. MVRDV’s design approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tower but also significantly contributes to its energy efficiency. greenery cascades down MVRDV's sweeping towers for tianfu software park
the architecture bridges the gap between city and nature, aligning with Chengdu’s ‘park city’ initiative



the four-story cultural hub


The cultural center, a four-story structure designed by MVRDV, takes inspiration from the triangular outline of its site. Stacked in a stepped arrangement, the programs within the center form terraces oriented towards the park, creating an inviting space. The green roof, adorned with faceted triangular panels, transforms the interior into a semi-outdoor atrium. Glazed clerestory windows punctuate the roof, allowing ample daylight to illuminate the spaces below. This innovative design not only serves functional purposes but also adds an artistic dimension to the technological hub.


Other buildings within the Tianfu Software Park Phase II started construction at the end of 2023, with the two buildings designed by MVRDV to follow.

greenery cascades down MVRDV's sweeping towers for tianfu software park
a cultural center forms terraces that invite visitors to climb both its green roof and terraced interior



project info:


project title: Chengdu Tianfu Software Park High Rise and Cultural Building

architecture: MVRDV | @mvrdv
location: Chengdu, China
client: CDHT Investment Co.,Ltd.
founding partner in charge: Winy Maas
partner/director: Wenchian Shi
design team: Kyo Suk Lee, Sredej Bunnag, Americo Iannazzone, Jiani You, Lucien Glass, Zhou Wang, Bertrand Tan, Samuel Tam, Letizia Pezzini, Matteo Spalletti, Andrius Ribikauskas, Amanda Galiana Ortega, Cai Huang, Xinyuan Zhang, Shanshan Wu, Echo Zhai, Tanja Dubbelaar, Runjie Liu
director MVRDV shanghai: Peter Chang
structural engineer: CSWADI, Buro Happold MEP: CSWADI
cost calculation: CSWADI
environmental advisor: Buro Happold Façade consultant: RFR
visualisations: © ATCHAIN | @atchain