tiffany & co. shanghai is veiled in a glimmering glass diamond facade by MVRDV

tiffany & co. shanghai is veiled in a glimmering glass diamond facade by MVRDV

MVRDV’s Diamond Facade for Tiffany & Co.


Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has unveiled its latest design for Tiffany & Co., a glimmering facade for the brand’s new store in Shanghai‘s Taikoo Li Qiantan retail development. The facade is centered along the central axis of Taikoo Li Qiantan, an affluent retail complex completed in 2021. Here, among a collection of luxury brands, MVRDV’s design stands out with its bold and deceptively simple concept — a facade composed entirely of diamonds.


This seemingly straightforward design is rooted in a deep understanding of Tiffany’s rich heritage. It follows MVRDV’s established approach for Tiffany facades, first implemented at Singapore’s Changi Airport in 2023 (see designboom’s coverage here). The core principles — innovative materials, a three-dimensional presence, and the ‘ability to spark wonder’ for viewers – are all embodied in the Shanghai facade’s veil of glass diamonds. These diamonds are strategically placed to create a shimmering, scattered effect, with a thoughtful reduction in density to ensure clear sight-lines where necessary, such as around the balcony of the store’s first-floor cafe.

tiffany shanghaiimages © Wen Studio; © Tiffany & Co.



a sparkling jewel for shanghai


The architects at MVRDV craft the sparkling facade for Tiffany & Co. Shanghai with an array of 6,988 handcrafted glass diamonds. Each measures 21 centimeters wide by 13 centimeters tall, with a weight of 1.5 kilograms. These are suspended from high-tension, mirrored steel cables stretched between the top and bottom frames of the structure. Specially designed, near-invisible steel fixtures ensure the diamonds remain securely in place without spinning or moving. The meticulous design allows for a completely mechanical connection system, enabling the facade to be dismantled in the future, with all its components reusable or recyclable.


Similar to MVRDV’s design for the Singapore store, the Shanghai facade incorporates a distinct local element. Here, the inspiration comes from the vibrant, colorful lights that illuminate Shanghai’s skyline at night. The facade integrates low-energy, color-changing LED lighting at its top and bottom. This allows the facade to be bathed in any color imaginable, including the luxury brand‘s iconic Tiffany Blue. The play of light through the glass diamonds further amplifies the chosen color, creating a dazzling effect.

tiffany shanghai
MVRDV designs a sparkling ‘diamond’ facade for Tiffany & Co.’s new Shanghai store

tiffany shanghai
the facade is centered on the central axis of Shanghai’s luxurious Taikoo Li Qiantan development
tiffany shanghai
the seemingly simple design features a facade composed entirely of suspended glass diamonds
tiffany & co. shanghai is veiled in a glimmering glass diamond facade by MVRDV
the concept reflects Tiffany’s heritage and prioritizes an innovative assembly


the facade uses 6,988 handcrafted glass diamonds, strategically scattered for clear sight-lines

tiffany & co. shanghai is veiled in a glimmering glass diamond facade by MVRDV
each diamond is suspended from high-tension cables and secured with invisible steel fixtures


inspired by Shanghai’s skyline, the facade incorporates color-changing LED lights



project info:


project title: Tiffany Facade Shanghai Taikoo-Li 

architecture: MVRDV | @mvrdv

location: Shanghai, China

client: Tiffany & Co. | @tiffanyandco
founding partner in charge: Jacob van Rijs
partner: Fokke Moerel
design team: Aser Giménez Ortega, Elien Deceuninck, Monica Di Salvo, Simone Costa, Türker Naci Şaylan, Xiaoyi Qin, Natalia Lipczuk
contractor: Permasteelisa Hong Kong
completion: 2024
photography: © Wen Studio; © Tiffany & Co.

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