my favorite place by thomas series explores interactive death monuments
all images courtesy of thomas series




shortlisted for the international designboom competition, ‘design for death’, ‘my favorite place’ by american thomas series reinterprets mourning and burial sites as interactive sculptures. the proposal inserts a giant egg-shaped object directly into the public realm, its golden form is clearly visible within the surrounding environment, so that it may serve as place of remembrance of the deceased and also of our own mortality. rather than trying to alter established death rituals and ceremonies, the design instead offers an open platform that cultures can adapt to and merge their beliefs with over time. 


the monolith re-imagines typical burial spaces to be more visible within the public realm



reminiscent of ancient monoliths that were built to honor the dead, the sculptures aim to be viewed as mystical objects that evoke a sense of wonder. their exterior surface is embedded with an interactive network of lights that family and friends can digitally call, which in turn emits a serene light from the within.


‘the glowing light becomes a symbol of remembrance, something universal representing the energy of the individual released back into the universe after their departure.‘ says thomas series.

the giant sculpture serves as a point of remembrance of the deceased


the egg-shaped design aims to evoke a sense of wonder


‘my favorite place’ inserted into an urban environment


the sculptures are reminiscent of ancient monoliths that were built to honor the dead


the exterior surface is embedded with interactive lights