N55’s walking house all images courtesy of N55



walking house is a mobile and modular dwelling system created by the danish architecture studio N55. the concept is a small home which slowly walks allowing its inhabitants to live a slow nomadic life. the dwelling collects rainwater for reuse and also uses solar energy to heat hot water. inside, a small composting toilet is used along with a wood-burning fireplace for heating. the home consists of a main room that can be added onto including a greenhouse addition that would enable the user to grow much of their own food. the unit can also be joined with other to create walking villages. each unit holds up to 4 inhabitants and can be infinitely expanded. the home maneuvers on six legs that are pneumatically powered, allowing it to walk on all sorts of terrains. the unit is a hexagonal prism that has large windows on each end and small platforms inside to split the home into levels. the home travels at a top speed of 60 meters/hour.




N55: walking housethe home making its way through the streets



N55: walking housetop view hexagonal structure



N55: walking houseseat with a view



N55: walking house



N55: walking house