nguyen khai architects infuses its 'nala house' with lush gardens in vietnam

nguyen khai architects infuses its 'nala house' with lush gardens in vietnam

nala house: A Contemporary Take on Tradition


In the serene and verdant environs of Hue City, Vietnam, not far from the historic citadel, the Nala House emerges as a unique fusion of living space, art studio, and gallery. Designed by Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates, this dwelling exemplifies the integration of architecture, nature, and creativity.

Drawing inspiration from the familiar shophouse design, the architects embarked on a creative journey to transform the conventional into the extraordinary. The defining feature of the dwelling is a central void that intricately weaves through the structure, dividing and connecting spaces while infusing lush greenery. This void, known as ‘the cut,’ gives rise to a multi-level garden, an elevated stairway, and five hovering planters. Serving as the core of the residence, this approach ensures that every part of the house is visually connected and immersed with nature.

nguyen khai nala houseimages © Hiroyuki Oki



Nguyen Khai Bridges Nature and Architecture


Spanning two stories, the team at Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates links all the spaces of its Nala House by suspended bridges that traverse the central garden. This green oasis not only floods the house with natural sunlight but also orchestrates a balanced airflow, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Conforming to a minimalist palette of basic materials such as concrete and glass, the architecture recedes into the background, allowing art and nature to take center stage.

The Nala House is designed for a painter who hoped to incorporate a studio and gallery within the confines of home. Consequently, the architects meticulously planned the functional zones to ensure both private and public spaces harmoniously coexist. Two staircases and circulation streams cater to residents and guests separately, with the studio and gallery accessible via the central stairway.

nguyen khai nala house
a central void known as ‘the cut’ hosts a multi-level garden, serving as the heart of Nala House

nguyen khai nala house
two distinct circulation streams separate the private home with the studio and gallery nguyen khai nala house
the project derives its name from the ‘ravine’ that metaphorically courses through the house nguyen khai architects infuses its 'nala house' with lush gardens in vietnam
suspended bridges traverse the central garden, flooding the home with sunlight and lending a balanced flow of air


basic materials like concrete and glass to provide a backdrop for both art and lush nature

nguyen khai architects infuses its 'nala house' with lush gardens in vietnam
the home and studio are each immersive experiences where art and nature coexist to inspire and heal occupants


the house lives and breathes with nature as ‘the cut’ invites natural light and fresh air

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