hong kong based napp studio (newfound architecture project and product) has shared its concept for an expansive meditative monument entitled ‘the archive of light’. taking the shape of a multi-storey walkable wall, the project imagines an installation of bricks inscribed with biblical and religious stories. conceived both as an archive and as an artistic installation, the stories are intended to bring peace and hope to those who interact with them.

the towering structure is called ‘the archive of light’



‘the bricks are books written with text of living stories of the everyday reality, yet, a reality with hope’, explain napp studio of the concept behind the idea. ‘hope is the most significant spiritual grain we rely on when facing the sometime harsh life, it provides us with strength and will – the light to live on.’ the proposal suggests a framework of light steel to suspend the bricks in a monumental but simplified manner. each brick is placed obliquely, so that stories naturally present themselves to passersby, inviting casual interaction as well as directed reading. each bearing a passage from the bible, the angling of the bricks is intended to give visitors the feeling of flipping through a book.

napp studio's 'archive of light' stores bible script in a wall of winking lightbulbs
the positioning of the bricks means that stories naturally present themselves to passersby



the positioning of the shelves are arranged in such a way as to reference the architecture of classical christian churches and chapels. rather than extravagant ornamentation depicting biblical scenes, napp studio regard the wall as a sacred, humble space solely constructed from the words of the bible. placing emphasis on the written word, each brick is paired with an automated motion sensor bulb. as visitors pass by or inspect an inscription, lights wink on and off across the face of the wall. simultaneously, the bulbs illuminate if a brick is viewed via the virtual platform that accompanies the installation, creating a wave-like wall of winking light — a realtime indication of human interaction.


‘presented in a bi-fold meaning, the light on one hand demonstrates itself as hope, while on the other the actual light that is controlled and filtered by the bricks. the bricks are the only integral substance of the entire wall, they are the content as well as the architecture’, continues the studio.

napp studio's 'archive of light' stores bible script in a wall of winking lightbulbs
the shelve’s alignment references the classical architecture of christian chapels and cathedrals

napp studio's 'archive of light' stores bible script in a wall of winking lightbulbs
each brick or page is connected to a corresponding motion-sensor bulb


project info:


architects: napp studio
designers: chris tsui chun shing, tsang aron wai chun, wesley ho hung lai
status: conceptual design
location: united kingdom
date: nov 2016



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edited by: peter corboy | designboom