natura futura arquitectura
natura futura arquitectura is an ecuadorian studio dedicated to giving new meanings to the local architecture, linking the traditional with the contemporary. for a house inmontalvo, a town in the coastal region ofecuador, with a 25°C climate all year long, they decided to play with the concept of duality. the dwelling therefore sets up a contrast between visually light and heavy volumes, polished and rustic textures, and plays between luminosity and shadow. the goal was to achieve an architecture that invites the user to understand its construction as a local identity and the habitat as a resource for materials.

the cantilevered second level adds a contemporary touch to the house
all images © juan carlos donoso



during the process of design and construction, the main objective was to minimize costs by using local materials, techniques and labor. in response to the location, the house takes advantage of the natural views. the result was a house that mixes different traditions, like the use of exposed brick walls both on the interior and exterior. the second level, on the other hand, is a cantilevered white volume that calls on more contemporary design.

natura futura arquitectura
the open kitchen is one of the home’s most important social spaces

natura futura arquitectura
the roof is suspended by beams that form triangles 

natura futura arquitectura
the same exposed brick walls of the exterior are found on the interior 

natura futura arquitectura
a contrast between light and heavy can be found on the staircase and the floor-to-ceiling windows

natura futura arquitectura
to balconies, furnished with hammocks, complement the bedrooms

natura futura arquitectura
the glassed-walls, not only add natural light to the house but also freshness

natura futura arquitectura
the entrance 

natura futura arquitectura
view from street



project info:


architects: natura futura arquitectura
location: montalvo, ecuador
arquitect in charge: josé fernando gómez m
construction area: 240 m2
year: 2015
photographs: juan carlos donoso



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom