along the rocky shoreline of stokkøya in central norway, ‘naustet’ offers visitors a unique food experience rooted in norwegian coastal culture. conceived by TYIN tegnestue architects — a firm which had since split to become agraff arkitektur and fur arkitekter — the concept was first envisioned by a life-loving couple with roots in the restaurant and fashion industries. through years of travel and cultural exposure, the duo, remy nordvik and jannike holm, called to create a unique and high-quality place accessible to other like-minded travelers.

naustet stokkøya
all images by ivar kvaal, unless otherwise stated



‘naustet’ serves to reference the norwegian term for the traditional boat house. the project by TYIN tegnestue architects — now fur and agraff — occupies the site of a derelict boathouse elevated on pillars overlooking the shoreline. this original structure was ready for renovation as the roof had been destroyed by winter storms and the main construction badly damaged by rot. keeping the size and orientation, the design team reimagined the building with a contemporary language, reproducing the timber framing with douglas fir prefabricated in the netherlands. despite its precise and minimalistic detailing, the project visually compliments the surrounding topography and local architecture.

naustet stokkøya



the interior scheme, developed by SJ design, is organized as a continuous open space, standing seven meters tall, divided by four suspended mezzanines which each serve as an individual sleeping space. these lofted areas are interconnected by a winding stair of perforated steel and overlook the main floor below. here, a kitchen is oriented toward the eating area, offering guests both a view of the sea and the chance to observe the preparation of the food — an important aspect of the experience. the main concept of the project gives the interior a spacious and open feeling, but at the same time creates an intimate and rich atmosphere. naustet has clear references to the traditional and familiar, and at the same time it is a unique and innovative project.

naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya
image by jannike holm

naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya naustet stokkøya



project info:


project title: naustet stokkøya

architecture: TYIN tegnestue architects | agraff arkitektur, fur arkitekter

interior architecture: SJ design

location: stokkøya, norway

photography: ivar kvaal, jannike holm