NBBJ unveils its design for hana bank’s new headquarters in cheongna, korea. as one of the first workplace environments fully designed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the design team offers a groundbreaking design focused on enhancing wellbeing and community. driven by the belief that a day of work should not be emotionally and physically draining, NBBJ has designed the hana headquarters to be a restorative workplace where nature is woven into the structure and offices are flexible, diverse, and inspiring. construction is set to begin late 2021 while the project is expected to be completed by 2024.

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the NBBJ-designed hana bank headquarters is expressed as a series of looping public pathways that traverse the building from bottom to top. these paths serve to connect major hubs with amenity pavilions and programmed spaces in a park-like environment with plentiful fresh air and green space. here, a vision for a calming oasis where employees can interact with the larger community extends into the new headquarters. instead of a fully enclosed building with levels only accessible by elevator, the new headquarters site is energized by a ribbon of park experiences — including plantings, plazas, and sculptural landforms — that continues in a zig-zag pattern up through the building, with programmed terraces and points of interest encouraging people to pause and slow down along the journey.

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the team at NBBJ designs its hana bank headquarters with a focus on promoting emotional and mental health. while walking along the pedestrian pathway, employees and visitors enjoy different vantage points, digital experiences, and interactions with nature. with a green path in the surrounding park unfolding into the new office, physical exercise and fresh perspectives are encouraged at every curve, disrupting a fast-paced, purely linear existence. at the building’s lower-level indoor atrium, a skylight above an interconnecting stair has a tranquil effect and encourages people to pause and interact by brightening movements between floors; connections and conversations will occur as users enjoy an experience more pleasant than an elevator enclosure.

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the era of COVID-19 has raised expectations for the built environment as awareness has increased around its impact on occupant health and well-being. it has also compelled companies to assess their mission, values, and plans for the future. NBBJ’s hana financial group headquarters will be a visual expression of hana values and showcase its commitment to human health, knowledge, and life experiences, not just the bottom line.

nbbj hana bank nbbj hana bank nbbj hana bank nbbj hana bank NBBJ envisions a sculptural future for post-COVID workspaces in korea NBBJ envisions a sculptural future for post-COVID workspaces in korea NBBJ envisions a sculptural future for post-COVID workspaces in korea



project info:


project title: hana headquarters

architecture: NBBJ

location: cheongna, korea

status: construction set to begin late 2021, expected completion by 2024