the travelling exhibition sees the host gallery segmented into a series of dark and compact spaces. in order to subtly connect each room, visitors are taken on a journey to follow a white table, which meanders and curves its way through the white-walled space, while displaying the array of nendo designed  black tableware. to emphasize the feeling of weightlessness, the table measures at a thickness of only three millimeters. its delicate character is supported by a limited number of legs; leaning on the wall and columns for added support.

the rooms were subtly connected by inviting the visitors through a 200mm wide, 33m long elongated display table
all images by masaya yoshimura



first presented inside the japan pavilion during expo milano 2015, nendo‘s exhibition ‘colourful shadows’ has been relocated and displayed at the ‘eye of gyre’ art gallery in omotesando, tokyo.

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02a series of tableware consisting of chopsticks, bowls, cups and plates have been lined along the display

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02weaving through the exhibit space; visitors are taken on a journey

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02the thickness of the table is only three millimeters

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02thin legs support the display, it subtly leans against the walls for added support

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02the collection was displayed inside the japanese pavilion during expo milano 2015

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02the compact gallery has impacted the form of the table

nendo-colourful-shadows-exhibition-eye-of-gyre-tokyo-designboom-02the exhibit is being held at the gyre art gallery in tokyo