The first phase of the LINE will be complete by 2030


designboom readers familiar with our previous coverage of The LINE, the otherworldly city under construction in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, will be interested to learn of the project’s significant progress. This ambitious undertaking, once a futuristic vision, seems to be becoming a reality. A newly released video offers a glimpse into the project’s current stage. As Denis Hickey, Chief Development Officer of The LINE, says, ‘The energy within Saudi Arabia at the moment is incredible.’ The team’s enthusiasm is fueled by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the transformative potential of NEOM itself, explaining that the mega-city’s first phase is firmly on track for completion by 2030.


read designboom’s interview with Tarek Qaddumi, NEOM’s director of urban planning, to explore what life will look like inside The LINE.

neom line progress
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neom documents world’s biggest earthworks operation


Should the in-progress development take shape as NEOM developers expect, the scale of The LINE will be staggering. The team notes that the project represents the world’s biggest earthworks operation, with millions of cubic meters of earth and water being moved each week. This relentless activity, as Denis Hickey explains, is laying the foundation, both literally and figuratively, for a city unlike any other.

NEOM developers describe The LINE as a beacon of sustainability and innovation which will offer solutions to the pressing urban challenges faced globally. They plan for a zero-emission future with an ‘unrivaled quality of life in balance with nature conservation, sustainability, and economic prosperity.’ As Mr. Hickey concludes, ‘We think there’s an opportunity to create a better model for a city to interact with the landscape and nature and the environment.’ The team claims that The LINE — a mega-city built from scratch — will become a blueprint for sustainable urban development, and that it will inspire and guiding the world towards a brighter future.
neom line progress
THE LINE is a transformative new megacity aiming to redefine urban life in NEOM, Saudi Arabia neom line progress
driven by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, The LINE is gradually transforming from concept to reality 'we are committed' – NEOM shares progress on THE LINE with new video
witnessing the world’s largest earthworks operation, millions of cubic meters are moved weekly 'we are committed' – NEOM shares progress on THE LINE with new video
construction embraces unique industrialization and modularity for efficient development



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name: NEOM in Progress – February 2024 | @discoverneom

release date: February 26th, 2024

previous videos: October 2023, February 2023