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NEON recreates the 'shiver house' as a cabin with 1100 kinetic polycarbonate shingles

‘SHIVER HOUSE V2’ by design studio NEON


‘Shiver house V2’, a kinetic ‘animal like’ cabin by design studio NEON ‘comes to life’ through the use of  1100 kinetic polycarbonate counter-weighted shingles. These feather-like planes rotate up or down when the wind, rain or snow hits them. Located in the park of Louvre Lens in France, this breathable cabin installation is an exploration into the idea that architecture can be used as a means to create a closer emotional link between its inhabitants and the surrounding nature. Correspondingly, the ever-changing nature of the external environment keeps the structure in a constant state of transformation.

shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 1
the Shiver House V2 located in the park of Louvre Lens, France

all images courtesy of Yves Bercez



transformative polycarbonate counter-weighted shingles


The creation of this kinetic cabin by NEON shows a harmonious symphony of transformative polycarbonate counter-weighted shingles that compellingly grounds the viewer in the present moment, reducing any anxiety they may be experiencing. The viewer is also reminded of the invisible forces that surround them and is connected not only to the moving cabin, but to the wider landscape as well.


Interestingly, when inside the structure, one can observe the environment through its facade as they watch the kinetic planes modulate the internal light levels and view out to the surrounding landscape. ‘Shiver House V2’ builds on the success of the design studio’s previous iterations of the project installed in Finland (see more here); however, this latest version is designed for longer use and will sit within the park of Louvre Lens for years to come. 

shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 7
top view of the Shiver House V2

shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 2
1100 kinetic polycarbonate counter-weighted shingles that rotate up or down

shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 4
the kinetic shingles modulate the internal light levels and view out to the surrounding landscape


shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 5
detail of moving shingles

shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 3
close-up detail of polycarbonate counter-weighted shingles

shiver house v2 by neon at louvre lens 6
breathable facade invites the viewer to observe the environment from inside the cabin




project info:


name: Shiver House V2
architect: NEON

location: Louvre Lens, France


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