architecture firm neostudio architekci has completed the reconstruction of the town marketplace in wieleń, poland. with the outdoor market having been a local community gathering spot since the middle of the 17th century, the task of continuing its economic, social, and cultural influence was of great importance. architects have created a collection of new equipment, including an arrangement of modular steel shed structures, to highlight the location and attract citizens of all age groups. 

the market in wielen 1
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the main intent of neostudio architekci‘s intervention was to create a universal space with reference to the history of the city’s urban planning, which encourages people of all backgrounds to spend their free time within it. furthermore, it was also important for the new design to form a multifunctional place, that can accommodate a variety of recreational and commercial activities. the new marketplace serves as a public venue for festivals, concerts and local cultural and historical events, generating a point of connection and interaction for everyone.  

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functionally and formally the marketplace has always been divided into three parts. the first northern part is a large square with a smooth floor, shaped as a place to strengthen local traditions by organizing cultural city events, such as harvest festivals and occasional concerts – there is available space for a stage set up, here. in this northern zone, neostudio designed and added a floor with traces of the foundations of the local evangelical church that burnt down in 1977.

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the second part of the marketplace area comprises the central city square, which had to be fit successfully within an arrangement of growing 100-year-old linden trees. no trees were cut for the project completion and all sick specimens that could not be saved were replaced with new plantings. this central square space features an asphalt floor, on top of which a collection of games for children is installed and separate store areas are marked.

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the main part of the project is the modular steel shed arrangement that has been constructed on a rectangular plan with a U-shaped cut and spans finished with sheet metal in the pattern of an origami drawing. the fifth elevation has been finished with a standing seam sheet and partly made of glass on aluminum profiles as a natural illumination of the exhibition stands. meanwhile, the third part – the southern square, is the space around the residential building, which historically divides the square into parts and the southern part, where the main entrance is located. 



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project info:



name: the market in wieleń
architecture office: neostudio architekci
lead architects: bartosz jarosz, paweł świerkowski
collaborating architects: adrianna fiącek, weronika kurdziałek, sandra bogucka, tomasz sołtysiak
location: wieleń, poland
site area: 11 286,70 m2
building area: 1121,70 m2



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