neri&hu crafts minimalist, nature-inspired retail interiors in shanghai

neri&hu crafts minimalist, nature-inspired retail interiors in shanghai

two flagshiP STORES complete in shanghai


Neri&Hu Design and Research Office has unveiled a pair of flagship stores in Shanghai‘s Panlong Tiandi development for fashion brand Jisifang and its sister brand, Woven Moonlight. The adjacent retail spaces offer a distinct design dialogue, each tailored to the respective brand’s identity while sharing a common thread of connection to nature.


The Jisifang boutique draws inspiration from the concept of the ‘Primitive Hut’ by 18th century architectural philosopher Marc-Antoine Laugier. The concept is widely considered the fundamental archetype of all architecture. This translates into a stripped-down space focused on the essence of shelter and a connection to the natural world. The design aligns perfectly with Jisifang’s focus on linen, a material seen as a bridge between everyday life and nature.

neri&hu jisifang shanghaiimages © Pedro Pegenaute



the contrasting interiors for ‘jisifang’ & ‘woven moonlight’


At the heart of the Jisifang boutique in Shanghai, Neri&Hu designs a wooden structure which defines a calm space for customers to experience the products. The interiors express a minimalist approach, stripped of all decoration. Natural white oak with exposed grain and warm ceramic tiles create a backdrop that complements the textures of the linen garments. A high, sloping roof maximizes the volume of the space, while filtered light and framed views of the street outside provide a gentle connection to the urban environment. ‘The inserted wooden structure forms a spiritual space to dwell and inhabit but also serves as a very functional element for displaying products,’ the architects explain.


Meanwhile, Woven Moonlight’s space takes a contrasting approach as Neri&Hu envisions a cave-like experience. Textured concrete walls enclose the main display area, with niches carved out to showcase the garments. These niches are lined with translucent linen curtains and accented by custom-built walnut cabinetry. The effect shows a contrast between the rough concrete, the softness of textiles, and the warmth of wood.

neri&hu jisifang shanghai
Neri&Hu Design and Research Office created flagship stores for Jisifang and Woven Moonlight in Shanghai



a modern ‘primitive hut’ by neri&hu


As visitors explore the Jisifang and Woven Moonlight stores in Shanghai, they are sheltered by pitched ceilings flooded with ambient light. While the Jisifang boutique is defined by its timber structure, the Woven Moonlight interiors feature a unique double-pitched sloped ceiling punctuated with skylights. Natural light floods the space throughout the day, animating the garments on display. This play of light and shadow further emphasizes the connection to nature, even within a built environment.


Through the contrasting designs of the two projects, Neri&Hu explores the concept of a primal human space, a return to a more fundamental state of being. The team hopes that experiencing the natural textures of linen within these stores will allow visitors to escape the urban environment and reconnect with nature.

neri&hu jisifang shanghai
the stores are located in the Panlong Tiandi development and reflect each brand’s identity neri&hu jisifang shanghai
Neri&Hu hopes the stores will allow visitors to reconnect with nature neri&hu crafts minimalist, nature-inspired retail interiors in shanghai
Jisifang Boutique draws inspiration from the concept of the ‘Primitive Hut’


a wooden structure forms a central element in the Jisifang Boutique

neri&hu crafts minimalist, nature-inspired retail interiors in shanghai
Woven Moonlight’s store takes on a cave-like feel with textured concrete walls


niches carved into the walls of the Woven Moonlight store feature translucent linen curtains

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