'nest house' floats in vietnam with breezy, minimalist design by architect ho khue

'nest house' floats in vietnam with breezy, minimalist design by architect ho khue

a dwelling perched like a nest


Hòa Khánh Nam, Vietnam, is now home to the recently completed Nest House, a project by architect Ho Khue that embodies the dreams of a young couple. This new residence is designed to suit the clients’ professional aspirations while serving as a welcoming, plant-filled retreat for their children to grow in the city.


The Nest House project stemmed from the needs of a young Vietnamese couple, a journalist and a teacher, who had outgrown their existing one-story home. Their desire was for a more inspiring space that would fuel their creativity and productivity. The artistic husband, who shared his passion for music with the architect, particularly resonated with a heartwarming moment, a piano duet with his daughter. This scene sparked the concept of a ‘bird’s nest,’ a warm environment where the family could grow, pursue their passions, and raise their children. The concept of a welcoming ‘grove’ emerged, imagined as a space for relaxation, exploration of creativity, and a place for the family to bond.

nest house ho khueimages © Trieu Chien



the ‘floating,’ minimalist house by ho khue


Designing its Nest House, the team lead by architect Ho Khue makes use of half of the property’s rear land to construct a three-story, minimalist building that serves as the home’s core. The remaining space was transformed into a lush, multi-story garden, upon which a house block is perched, creating the illusion of a floating residence. The structural design mimics a tree’s natural framework, with a stylized steel-concrete column system forming the backbone.


From any viewpoint, the Nest House resembles a bird’s nest nestled within a tranquil garden. This central space acts as the heart of the home, encompassing the family living room, study, and research areas. It serves as a peaceful retreat fostering creativity and a place for the family to thrive together.

nest house ho khue
Ho Khue Architects designs the Nest House as a lush living space for a young Vietnamese family



learning from vietnam’s traditional architecture


Selecting the finishing materials for the Nest House, architect Ho Khue drew inspiration from Hoi An’s ancient town, a place familiar to the homeowner. The traditional roof structure, featuring two house blocks facing a central courtyard, pays homage to the beautiful garden at the property’s heart. Wooden door frames, a hallmark of Hoi An architecture, create a cohesive outline for the house. What’s more, the use of raw concrete with a grinding finish for the columns, stairs, and floors adds a sense of ruggedness and durability. This selection of materials invites the occupants to connect with the home’s natural atmosphere.

nest house ho khue
a minimalist three-story building serves as the core, with a lush garden surrounding it
nest house ho khue
steel-concrete columns mimic a tree’s structure, reinforcing the nature-inspired designnest house ho khue
the house block positioned on the garden creates the illusion of a floating residence


the central space functions as the heart of the home, encompassing living, study, and research areas

nest house ho khue
material choices pay homage to Hoi An’s architecture, with wooden door frames and raw concrete finishes


the architectural concept evokes a ‘bird’s nest’

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