designer alen key strives to integrate the surrounding nature into the interior design of a house in the heart of berlin. the clients are very fond of traveling to exotic countries and have chosen berlin as their permanent residence. the challenge was to turn this space into an album of memories and impressions, so starting from the early stages of the design, key’s goal was to create an atmospheric space that perfectly suits the clients’ love of travel.

50sh 1

images courtesy of alen key



to support the existing landscape, the designer chose a muted color for the walls, natural materials for the furniture and light wood flooring. the neutral color palette used provides visual relief and a calming atmosphere. using it on large-scale spaces such as the walls of this house provides the perfect ‘invisible’ backdrop. this brings to focus the striking furniture pieces, making their lines and curves pop; a process that is key to the overall style of this contemporary interior.

50sh 2



the stand-alone marble tub serves as a sculpture rather than a simple furniture element. it elevates the bathroom style and offers it a distinctive atmosphere. by creating a visual understanding of colors, textures and forms alen key achieved the feeling of blurring the boundaries between the outside and the inside.


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project info:


name: 50sh
design: alen K
location: berlin, germany


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