NEXT architects place a museum between existing factories
all images courtesy of NEXT architects



situated in chaoyang park, in beijing, china, NEXT architects has built a museum for urban planning which showcases the development in the surrounding area. neighboring the structure are the olympic volleyball stadium and other buildings notable to the city’s central business district. by reclaiming the void among three brick factories, the ‘choayang museum for urban planning’ is an example in itself of the ongoing progression and existing history of construction. organization of the space utilizes the enclosure by the already present buildings in a ‘T-shape’ motif, allowing circulation throughout the museum. the additions include interactive exhibition halls and two cinemas, one of which being a 4D theater. striations between the reflective material and the brick create a visible juxtaposition of new functions added to the old factories. the rooftop’s undulating silhouette mimics a zhou-dynasty pattern known as ‘lucky clouds’, a theme also used in the olympic games. the 17000 sq meter culture center was realized from competition to completion in nine months.

choayang museum designboom 02 02

exterior view


choayang museum designboom 03 03

approach to musuem from the street level


choayang museum designboom 05

interior views


NEXT architects places a museum among existing factories

choayang museum designboom 08

museum rendering


choayang museum designboom 04

exterior rendering showing the existing factory and new exhibition space

 choayang museum designboom 07

 elevation 1:500

choayang museum designboom 06

elevation 1:500


choayang museum designboom 09

diagrammatic scheme of existing factories and new exhibition hall