‘NHN green factory’ in seoul, korea all images courtesy of NHN

‘green factory’ is the first headquarters building of korea’s leading internet company, NHN. the primary focus of the 26-storey complex is to encourage and facilitate communication through the interior design and layout. a system of green vertical louvers change the face of the building throughout the day as it shifts to capture natural daylight.

in order to promote a healthy and fun workstyle, attention was paid to the details: instead of drab, concrete emergency stairs, the staircases are interactive (such as stretching exercises) or calming (with forest decal). the top floor is reserved for the community cafe, offering sweeping views of the gwangkyo bridge. off to the side of the cafe is a small playground for informal meetings. the office spaces are divided into ‘hives’ or plazas that act as focal points for each floor’s work area with meeting rooms, canteens, bulletin boards, mailboxes, and tables for meetings or negotiation.

NHN: green factory ‘meet 27’ cafe provides a place for informal meetings while eating lunch

NHN: green factory

NHN: green factory vertical louvers

NHN: green factory

NHN: green factory building facade

NHN: green factory stretching exercises along the ‘track’ staircase

NHN: green factory greenery decal along the ‘park road’ staircase

NHN: green factory playground

NHN: green factory roof top patio connected to the cafe

NHN: green factory ‘connect hall’ auditorium

NHN: green factory

NHN: green factory

NHN: green factory

NHN: green factory

NHN: green factory ‘hive’ work area layout

project credits:

project direction: s.y. cho design direction :c. d. park design management : nhn spx team/ j.h. choi, j.h. lee, j. e. yeh, e.j. lee, d.l. jin, h.r. lee. architecture & interior design : nbbj l.a office / naamdi e. ugenyi, paul quinn davis, robert c. mankin, scott w. wyatt, steven ryder, youngimkim samooarchitects & engineers/ y.j. gil, b.k. park, y.j. kwak, j.s. lee, w.g. lee, j.h. goo, k.j. kim, y.j. kim, j.i. kim, s.w. bae, m.k. sohn, y.m.  jung, h.y. kim, j.e. lee, h.d. goh, y. lee. nhn spx team / j.h. lee, j.e. yeh, d.l. jin kukbodesign / s.h. lee, e.h. choi, m.h. kim lifestyle101 / b.n. kim, m.a. lim, w.k. hahn, h.k. lee, h. lee, s.j. park, j.m. lim, j.y. kim detail design :  hyundai architects & engineers associates co., ltd. / s. j. lee, h. j. cho kukbodesign / b.k. lee, h.j. hong, n.k. choi, h.j. lim ridge p&c / y.s. lee, j. h. hong, j.y. hahn, j.e. choi renosis/ m.s. yoo, s. hyun graphic & media design: nhn marketing center / h.s. cho, s.e. kim, t.k. jang, d.w. lee, y.h. park, d. j. cha, h.w. kim, e.s. park, y.h. ham, m.s. kim, j.s. kim, h.w. kim,  h.s. kim, s. b. kang, w.s. chun, s.b. byun, h.w. kim, b.j. kim, g.h. song, s.h. park, k.j. jeon, b.j. kim construction & engineering: hyundai engineering & construction construction management: hanmi parsons structure engineering design : kyungjai structural engineers mechanical engineering design : sunjinfacility research institute electrical engineering design : samwooelectric telecommunication, it engineering design: hanwhas&c civil engineering design: saegil engineering & consulting co., ltd. landscape & environment design: soltos fire defense design: korea fire protection ubis co., ltd. lighting design: nhn spx team, k.c. park –hanmi parsons, mavericks sound mechanical design: rpg korea noise & vibration consulting: rms technology curtain wall design: j&s hanbek louver design: sunrex, koin international furniture design & coordination: nhn spx team, casamia, prettygoodoffice, duomo korea, fursys