45 grand – NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio



45 grand (located on grand street in soho new york) is NIKE’s exclusive fitness studio, event space and a NIKE+ services hub for media and other invited guests. the space designed by rafael de cárdenas and art director jen brill brings together NIKE+ running and NIKE+ training club digital services, live experiences, and expert training and coaching to serve media guests and other guests of the NIKE women brand. 


guests are invited to preview NIKE women product collections, and the best of NIKE design innovation for her as part of a product offering that includes women’s training collections, NIKE running and NIKE sportswear. 


a round chapel-like wall comprised of frosted acrylic fins allows partial views into the space


clusters of hexagonal shapes provide seating and lounging for guests



rafael de cárdenas of architecture at large, in partnership with creative director, jen brill, led the design of the space. the project is as much about creating the ultimate, most luxurious fitness studio experience for women as it was about bringing NIKE women and NIKE+ services to life. we wanted a team that understands our point of view, the sensibility of our guests and consumers and could help us push boundaries.


view of the workout space



45 grand is housed in a former metalwork shop in lower soho. through the large garage door, a round chapel-like wall comprised of frosted acrylic fins allows partial views into the space. at this entry, clusters of hexagonal shapes provide seating and lounging for guests, before proceeding down one of two corridors flanking a central studio space. integrated into these corridors are eight vitrines that house exhibits that highlight NIKE’s involvement in some of the greatest moments in women’s sports.


services at 45 grand include NIKE+ training club, NIKE+ running, gait analysis and more



a lab-like reception area—backed by folded aluminum panels—greets visitors at the end of the corridor.  here, NIKE+ services customize individualized training experiences for guests along a minimal and expansive steel and glass display table.


the largest single space at 45 grand—the centrally-located fitness studio—is flooded with natural light from a large skylight above and light filtered through the milky-white acrylic fins of the round wall.  at the rear of the gym space, a tiered stage/seat is endlessly reflected in surrounding mirror.


this fitness studio is the nucleus of the project and is the main site of 45 grand’s unique personalized training and fitness programs.


corridor from the workout space through to changing facilities and second level

the changing room features lockers that have screens embedded in them, displaying the users name and messages

changing facilities 

display cases and screens showing NIKE’s latest products and services are dotted throughout the space

downstairs product display



the private lounge, up onto the mezzanine level, is a contemporary, comfortable space. a wrapping, tufted, lounge provides the visitor with an opportunity for respite and review of individually curated performance clothing. on the opposite side of the space, apparel is displayed on a long counter that is lit from above through a funnel-like skylight fixture. behind the counter, a special one-way mirror enables guests to view the wider studio while allowing digital imagery, specific to the products being sampled. 


a product display on the second level of 45 grand 


the upstairs lounge offers a place to catch a minute after your workout and also acts as an informal meeting space.

a large skylight provides a relaxing ambient during the daytime


45 grand is a celebration of the 360 offering of services that are available to the consumer as part of NIKE’s commitment to the female athlete through an elevated offering of these services.  NIKE plays an active role in keeping women active.  services including: NIKE+ training club, NIKE+ running, gait analysis, bra fitting, pant hemming, NIKEid and customization, goal setting and customised training programs. (all events and services are by personal appointment only).


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