‘TYM house’ by no.555 in nagao, japan all images courtesy of no.555 photographer: torimura koichi

‘TYM house’, by kanagawa-based architectural office no.555, is a four-storey building that combines a hair salon with a residential unit. located in nagano, japan, the project utilizes a heavy facade design with slit-like openings to create privacy, as well as to block out noise from the street.

located on the second floor, the salon’s lack of windows at eye level establishes an intimate and secure interior. the strips of windows near the floor and ceiling allow natural sunlight to wash down the walls, illuminating the rest of the space. cross-circulation of air is also facilitated through the strategically placed openings.

the residential levels above are placed in a stepping configuration, creating terraces and outdoor spaces behind the house. to continue the expression of the square facade, a ‘fake’ facade acts as a buffer wall between the apartment and the neighboring building. this extra layer of privacy enables the residential area to be open and transparent. white walls and floors are employed to maximize on the natural lighting effect.

no.555: TYM house facade

no.555: TYM house salon space, second level

no.555: TYM house kitchen and terrace, fourth level

no.555: TYM house

no.555: TYM house terraces at night

no.555: TYM house third level hallway

no.555: TYM house bathroom

no.555: TYM house steel frame staircase to the kitchen and living space

no.555: TYM house living space

no.555: TYM house entrance

no.555: TYM house staircase to salon

no.555: TYM house