nobu hotel palo alto brings japanese tradition to california with garden oasis

nobu hotel palo alto brings japanese tradition to california with garden oasis

montalba architects renovates nobu hotel palo alto


In Silicon Valley’s ever-evolving landscape of architecture and design, Montalba Architects unveils its newly redesigned Nobu Hotel Palo Alto and its garden restaurant, a 4,100-square-foot curated sanctuary. Tranquil and picturesque, the garden is an urban oasis that brings Japanese landscape sensibilities to California.


The metamorphosis of the Nobu Hotel Palo Alto began in earnest with the first phase of renovation in 2020. This marked the property as an official Nobu Hotel, with a distinguished facade, wellness facilities, meeting spaces, and elegant guest rooms. The design introduced an innovative blend of fluted limestone, oil-rubbed bronze, and gentle illumination, creating a serene path that leads through the interconnected spaces of the hotel, including its signature restaurant. This transformation, carefully orchestrated by Montalba Architects, has redefined the concept of an urban oasis, nestled within the bustling heart of Palo Alto.

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a garden link between hotel and sidewalk


The Nobu Palo Alto Garden Restaurant punctuates Montalba Architects‘ renovation project, aimed to create an authentic Japanese garden experience. It is designed to be visually accessible from various vantage points, including the hotel’s lobby and conference rooms, as well as Emerson Street — this way, the garden serves as a bridge between the hotel and the neighborhood. Upon entering the Garden Restaurant, guests are greeted by a retractable fabric awning while glass doors frame an uninterrupted view of the garden from the hotel’s lobby lounge. The transition from the hotel to the restaurant is marked by a distinct bronze canopy, evoking a sense of exclusivity and inviting exploration.

nobu palo alto



Elements drawn from japanese tradition


The Garden Restaurant’s design takes inspiration from traditional Japanese elements, exemplified by the ornate, oil-rubbed bronze gate reminiscent of a Japanese Shoji Screen. As guests walk along a meandering path, a succession of dining tables unfolds before them, offering enchanting views of the garden and the Palo Alto skyline. A bespoke bronze screen, framed by limestone columns, invites passers-by to peer into the lush garden space.


The restaurant interior marries craftsmanship and nature. With full-ceiling skylights and retractable bi-fold glass doors, the dining room merges seamlessly with the outdoor patio, providing an immersive indoor-outdoor experience. Japanese culture comes alive through large-format stone tiles that elegantly extend from the interior into the patio, creating a sense of unity and tranquility.

nobu palo alto



sustainability in design


Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Nobu Palo Alto Garden Restaurant is designed with sustainability in mind. The space employs natural ventilation through bi-fold doors and gravity ventilators, enhancing airflow and reducing the need for artificial climate control. The retractable fabric coverings not only shield diners from the elements but also support non-native plantings, reducing irrigation needs and promoting water conservation. The garden’s thoughtful design includes shallow retention basins that facilitate natural stormwater percolation and a radiant floor heated by solar-powered hot water systems.

nobu palo alto nobu palo alto


nobu palo alto

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