whimsical invasion transforms D.C.’s dupont underground
all images courtesy of nooyoon




the ‘whimsical invasion’, by hyuntek yoon (nooyoon) and youngeun kwun (AWW), uses simple materials to transform the sub-level space of dupont underground in washington D.C. the project is composed of nylon netting, a steel frame, and a hefty amount of small plastic balls — around 650,000+. effectively transforming the space into a surreal, invasive environment, the concept attempts to create a contradiction between passive and active spatial concerns. namely, as the intervention intersects visitors’ space, so too are they able to push into the cloud’s interior.

nooyoon whimsical invasion dupont underground




with visitors both inside and out, the ‘whimsical invasion’ of nooyoon becomes an ambiguous extension of movement. pushing or pulling the net, walking throughout, the piece’s pliable surface creates a dialogue between user and space. ‘whimsical invasion’ was completed for the ‘RE-BALL!’ competition hosted by the dupont underground

whimsical invasion transforms D.C.'s dupont underground
view from exit 

nooyoon whimsical invasion dupont underground
plan & elevation

whimsical invasion transforms D.C.'s dupont underground

nooyoon whimsical invasion dupont underground

install tracks and hooks on floor and ceiling, then the steel pipe frame inside

install nylon netting from floor to ceiling, then around steel pipe frame

pour 680,000 balls into the volume by nylon netting

connect ropes to the netting, pull ropes, and tie to the wall with tensile strength



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edited by: nick brink | designboom