‘television house’ by noriyoshi morimura architects and associates, suita, osaka, japan images courtesy of noriyoshi morimura architects & associates

japanese practice noriyoshi morimura has created ‘television house’ a private family home in suita, osaka, japan. primarily designed to consider the possible effects of an earthquake, the design features a seismic isolator and load bearing arrangement that firmly secures the broad and cantilevered dwelling in place.

noriyoshi morimura: television house street side facade

the grounding podium layer – a bold, hard mass of concrete – dictates the overall organization and appearance, developing a hierarchy of space while separating the residence from the street. stretched across the landscape, hovering in the air, the dwelling works in conjunction with the hollow base to define a semi-enclosed courtyard and the entrance to the home.

noriyoshi morimura: television house courtyard, driveway and entrance

accessed from below, the building looks to provide visitors and inhabitants with a gradual transition between environments.

dispersed over one floor and organized around an internal courtyard, the residence contains an open living room,

kitchen and dining room – located at the front of the home – and a private bedroom at the back.

noriyoshi morimura: television house internal courtyard

noriyoshi morimura: television house living room, dining room, kitchen

noriyoshi morimura: television house corridor separating private and public programs

noriyoshi morimura: television house entrance with view of kitchen behind

noriyoshi morimura: television house exploded axo

project info:

site area: 364.36 square meters building area: 144.95 square meters gross floor area: 257.64 square meters building scope: 1 basement + 1 story structure: steel rahmen + seismic isolation