norm architects reinvents the danish summerhouse with its heatherhill beach house

norm architects reinvents the danish summerhouse with its heatherhill beach house

heatherhill beach house: a calming retreat in nature


Heatherhill Beach House, designed by Norm Architects, is a new holiday home in Jutland, Denmark. It blends traditional Danish elements with modern features, creating a peaceful retreat amidst scenic hills. Upon entering, visitors are enveloped in an atmosphere of calm. The design prioritizes an integration with the natural surroundings, minimizing the construction’s environmental impact. Timber is the primary material, employed in reference to classic Danish summerhouses. The house’s two volumes are arranged for optimal flow and stunning views.

norm architects heatherhill house
images © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen



norm architects reimagines the danish summerhouse


Clad in cedar and topped with a green roof, Norm Architects’ Heatherhill Beach House appears to grow from the landscape. Its clean lines contrast the rolling hills, while a private atrium offers a secluded spot to commune with nature. The architects designed the home as a journey of discovery as long, framed views unfold throughout to showcase the postcard scenery. Materiality is emphasized, with wood floors and Douglas Fir walls and ceilings fostering a connection to nature — timber walls create warmth, while traditional brick flooring references Danish mid-century modernism. Built-in storage maintains a clean look, and a fireplace nook beckons for relaxation.

norm architects heatherhill house
Denmark’s Heatherhill Beach House blends Danish tradition with modern design



framed views and natural materials


Norm Architects carefully orients views and employs natural materials like dolomite plaster throughout its Heatherhill Beach House. The sunken living area offers a glimpse of the minimalist kitchen. A light, tone-on-tone color palette and emphasis on natural light create an airy feel. Honest materials are a core principle for the design team — every surface is chosen to create a space that engages the senses. The two bathrooms exemplify the home’s cohesive design and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, one featuring an outdoor shower for a closer connection to nature, while a bathtub is fronted by a large picture window.

norm architects heatherhill house
the cedar-clad house with a sedum roof appears to grow from the landscape
norm architects heatherhill house
wood, the main material, references classic Danish summerhouses, while the layout maximizes views norm architects reinvents the danish summerhouse with its heatherhill beach house
the calming home is designed to integrate with the surrounding hills


long views throughout the house showcase the beauty of the outdoors

norm architects reinvents the danish summerhouse with its heatherhill beach house
natural materials like wood and light tones create a warm and airy atmosphere


the home prioritizes well-being with timeless design for relaxation within nature

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