foster, UNStudio and RSHP bid to expand taiwan’s taoyuan international airport
(above) taiwan taoyuan international airport terminal 1
image © norihiko dan and associates




UPDATE: on november 2nd, 2015, it was announced that rogers stirk harbour + partners beat architecture practices from 13 countries to realize taiwan’s new taoyuan airport terminal three. with various recognized airport masterplans already among their portfolio, the jury praised RSH+P’s design for its innovative planning along with a streamlined traffic flow design.


their dynamic design will inherently enhance the infrastructure; boost taiwan’s economy and serve the aviation market of east asia. their dynamic proposal will accommodate the passenger capacity to 45 million per year and improve boarding efficiency and most of all, establish a unique airport experience with plentiful mixed-use retail and commercial facilities.


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with the rapid growth of people passing through, departing and arriving at taiwan taoyuan international airport, a competition was announced in june for a vast expansion with the construction of terminal 3. aiming to be completed by 2020, the scheme will be connected to the airport’s existing terminal 2 building. many practices submitted their proposals in hopes to obtain the project and so far, the three acclaimed firms that have been shortlisted are: foster and partners, UNStudio and rogers stirk harbour and partners.


taiwan taoyuan international airport highlights: ‘the main design concepts for this project are ‘smart, green and culture’. with high efficient operating system to provide high quality passenger services and transportation function, the project will be developed as a sustainable and intelligent airport, with comprehensive facilities encompassing functions in tourism, shopping, culture and arts to create new traveling experiences.’



further announcement of the competition expected of the project to be made by the end of 2015.