scheduled to open by 2017, international practice foster + partners‘ ‘100 east 53rd street’ luxury residential tower will rise at 61-storeys on the corner of lexington and 53rd street in midtown manhattan. developed in partnership with chinese developer vanke and aby rosen of RFR, the slender building explores the dynamic between its urban context and its skyline. formally, it responds to the precedent set by two neighboring twentieth-century modernist icons – SOM’s 21-storey lever house of 1952 and mies van der rohe’s 38-storey seagram building of 1958.

the scheme will rise at the corner of lexington and 53rd street in midtown manhattan
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exploring the ethos of modernist architect mies van der rohe’s of philosophy of rationality, simplicity and clarity, the tower’s minimalist geometric form is a result to blend with its distinguished neighbors. access is marked by a recess beneath a canopy that sits harmoniously alongside the entrance and pavilion of the seagram building. a smaller structure will host a bar and restaurant, a spa and swimming pool. ‘from the floor of the atrium, the tower rises up like a soaring vertical blade, the view up creating a sense of drama and reinforcing the connection between the summit and the ground.’

to preserve the smooth appearance of the facade, opening vents in the glazing flap is positioned inwards



an innovative glazed skin wraps around the building, concealing the structural elements which are further masked beneath integrated shadow boxes. to preserve the smooth appearance of the facade, opening vents in the glazing fold discreetly inwards. the pricing of the units 94 spacious units; starting at $3,350,000, with the larger apartments occupying the entire floor area of the higher levels. complementing its sleek exterior, the space utilizes luxury materials, finishes with large glazing in all directions framing a constant view of the vibrant city scape. expand the gallery below to see images of the sales showroom of 100 east 53rd street.

a spa and swimming pool are also included

some apartment units take up an entire level of the building

the narrow footprint allows the interior spaces to be flooded with daylight

rooms are presented with views of cosmopolitan cityscape

the tower contains a total of 94 units at 61 storeys

the interiors instill a refined elegance

the tower will host an array of facilities

the entrance is recessed beneath a canopy that sits alongside the entrance and pavilion of the seagram building



DBOX_100E53_Lobby Entry