the NOWHERE stair transforms a functional architectural element into an interior’s sculptural statement. for this bangkok restaurant, the Stu/D/O team has created an intricate design for a rooftop bar and restaurant interior on ekkamai road. visitors interact with a traditional stair in one way, but this re-appropriation of an architectural feature separates the physical object from its function. the ‘nowhere’ concept juxtaposes reality and surrealism.

nowhere stair
the restaurant concept is not ‘no/where’ but ‘now/here’
all images by ketsiree wongwan, courtesy of Stu/D/O



the stair circles around the space in two continuous loops, straddling all levels of the interior. this creates new possibilities for its functions within the restaurant. by varying the height of the platform, the stair to nowhere takes on different functions such as seats, tables, bar, and a communal area. ‘to show the contrast of day and night through the changing of sky, loops of stair are designed to link the entire space from the first step to the last and vanishes into the sky, accenting the concept of ‘going nowhere’,’ describes Stu/D/O

nowhere stair
the space is both a rooftop bar and restaurant

nowhere stair
the bar restaurant is located in bangkok, thailand

nowhere stair
the design concept juxtaposes reality and surrealism

nowhere stair
the stair culminates in a ceiling skylight

nowhere stair
the traditional stair is used to connect different spaces, but this reinterpretation turns the stair into a sculpture

nowhere stair
stair elements turn into landings that are then transformed into the bar



project info:


Stu/D/O project team: apichart srirojanapinyo, chanasit cholasuek, park lertchanyakul, thanipath thanawuttimanas
lighting designer: incontrast design studio
graphic designer: dinsor
structural engineer: darat likitthaveechok
visualizer: Stu/D/O
photography: ketsiree wongwan