N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india

N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india

N&RD shapes Farm Cabin in India 


Located in the rural part of Kottayam District in Kerala, India, ‘KGR Farm Cabin‘ sees the transformation of a tiny shelter into a multipurpose family gathering space. The clients — a former bank officer couple — wanted to convert their property into an organic farm after their retirement. According to their wish for farmland, architectural studio N&RD has removed all the trees from the site that was previously a rubber plantation, but this resulted in extremely hot conditions for the area. Thus, the design team came up with the idea of a day shelter that could host the whole family. N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india
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designing a one-room-day-shelter with a toilet


Taking an area of almost 1 acre (4,046 sqm), the site accommodates farmlands as well as a tiny cabin that serves as a  family gathering space. The structure provides a minimal yet functional living space. The facility features a room with minimal seating, a kitchenette, and an attached toilet. Furthermore, a storeroom is designed for safekeeping farm equipment, fertilizers, and other necessities. Meanwhile, the design team added a long cantilevering roof to extend the living space and protect the inhabitants from the sun’s rays. 


Although the cabin uses minimum space, it optimizes the views of the surroundings. Most of the east side partitions can fully open, providing visual contact with almost the entire property while one seats inside. However, thanks to its location being a bit far from the main street, it meets the requirements for privacy and quietness.

N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india
the long cantilevering roof protects the room from the morning sun



When it comes to the materiality palette, the architects prioritized durability. The main walls are constructed in brick masonry, and most of the east side partitions are accomplished in galvanized iron tubes and cement boards. The roofing is made of GI and aluminum sheets, while the flooring is of yellow oxide cement. To adjust to the slight slope of the site, they formed an elongated gardening space utilizing locally available stones. Finally, an abstract aquatic mural is added to the room to soften the farm activity intervals.


front elevation

N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india
front elevation with all the doors and windows open

N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india
the cabin is placed a farther from the road for privacy

N&RD forms tiny yet functional cabin in rural india
masonry, mild steel tubes, cement boards and GI roofing sheet are the main materials


view of the farm from inside



axonometric view
axonometric view

project info:


name: KGR Farm Cabin
designer: N&RD

location: Kottayam district, Kerala, India



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