latvian studio NRJA’s latest project was the development of a multi-functional office building, situated along miera street in the country’s capital city, riga. the minimal structure is dominated visually by a wedge-shaped corner façade that shrinks from roofline to ground floor.

NRJA conceives multi-use office building in riga, latvia
the site is situated on a four-way intersection




inside is a flexible combination of retail, office, and top-level residential units. after-tension concrete floors are supported by reinforced concrete sections, allowing floor space to remain column free. the form unifies with surrounding architectural projects as well; enriching rather than competing. the multi-functional building concept was designed by NRJA

NRJA multi-use office building riga lativa designboom
the proposal was envisioned to be a local landmark

pedestrian, cyclist, automobile, and public transport needs were incorporated into the design

the concept seeks visual harmony with a neighboring project across the street

NRJA multi-use office building riga lativa designboom
left: first floor retail, right: open layout for accommodation of one to five offices

the modular façade eases construction 

corner accent and roof connection

NRJA multi-use office building riga lativa designboom
after-tension floors are supported with sections of reinforced concrete wall



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edited by: nick brink | designboom