‘piccaro sul mare’ by OAB all images courtesy OAB

currently under construction is ‘piccaro sul mare’, a private residence in savona italy by spanish architectural firm OAB.

the design for the project originates from the site’s topography – a park of 40 hectares that from via aurelia climbs up to mount piccaro. a complex and innovative irrigation system integrated with three reservoirs that store the water.

a system of paths articulates the park, traversing the existing forest zone, the reforestation and vivariums of the project. this acts as a pass through time that revaluates the species and the original hydro system.

a botanical garden in the occidental limits takes advantage of the existing terraces to lead the visitor to an elevated plateau, crossing through tropical species, cactus and plant species that give off smell and are typical of the liguria tradition.

in the inferior reservoir, lies a fitness centre-spa which provides hypogenous services for the hotel.

the renovated borelli castle, which is situated at the west, the new housing elevated at the north, and the grand plaza over the ocean configures the ‘borgo ligure’ of the twenty-first century.

OAB: piccaro sul mare model of ‘piccaro sul mare’

OAB: piccaro sul mare the residential apartments

OAB: piccaro sul mare the residential apartments

OAB: piccaro sul mare site plan

OAB: piccaro sul mare section view

OAB: piccaro sul mare section view

project info: name: piccaro sul mare: site: borghetto santo spirito, savona, italy area: private construction: 2007 – 2012 architects:carlos ferrater, domenico piemonte team: francisco gordo, sofia pamanes, fabio silli, viola maffessanti