model of ‘reception pavillion of atapuerca’

the sierra of atapuerca, located in the countryside bordering the city of burgos, spain is recognized for the uniqueness and authenticity of its collection of fossils and stone tools used by the earliest known hominids in europe. this location is registered as a unesco world heritage site.

the ‘reception pavillion of atapuerca’ by OAB (office of architecture in barcelona) is currently under construction on the site, due to be complete in 2011. the project aims to unite two territories which run along a trench, 14 meters wide and 6 meters deep, where paleontological settlements are situated. the program was developed around a bridge that incorporates a small reception pavilion, which interacts with an adjacent plaza embedded into the existing stone quarry.

OAB: reception pavillion of atapuerca rendering of the pavillion

the bridge, as an extension of the roof, branches out into two separate arms, one leading into the building, and the other giving form and articulation to the building’s structure. the building sits in between these arms, providing it with unrestricted access to daylight.

these paths of circulation, although split, are still organized and interrelated by the direct relationship between visitor and researcher. one path is concerned with accommodating tourist visits and sightseeing, while the other path results from the research team of archaeologists.

OAB: reception pavillion of atapuerca site plan

OAB: reception pavillion of atapuerca section view

OAB: reception pavillion of atapuerca section view

OAB: reception pavillion of atapuerca initial sketches

OAB: reception pavillion of atapuerca construction of the ‘reception pavillion of atapuerca’ at the sierra of atapuerca, burgos, spain

the bridge integrates with the topography and landscape, preserving the visual, environmental and archaeological values of the site.