oasis holístico transforms old home into nature-infused cultural center in lima

oasis holístico transforms old home into nature-infused cultural center in lima

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kazeta lima conceives ‘an oasis in a concrete jungle’


Architects Nikolas Carpio and Sergio Valentín team up with artist Daniel Torres Calderon to unveil Oasis Holístico, a holistic and cultural renovation of a 1980s home. Sited in a residential area in Lima, Peru, the concrete home which was once set to be demolished for a real estate housing project now sits as a serene oasis infused with nature. Topped with a sculptural metallic brise soleil, the space is woven with lush greenery and enlivened by soothing water sounds, featuring an intimate yet open meditation space. A mural wall wraps around its perimeter, illustrating pastel tones and abstract imagery by artist Conrad Florez.

oasis holistico 2
an oasis in a concrete jungle | all images courtesy of the author



a serene holistic and cultural experience 


The Kazeta Lima design team’s concept sought to build a multi-space cultural center that embraces a diverse range of healing and cultural activities within. This was achieved by integrating two metallic structures that generate a seamless transition though the existing and new spaces. The additions envelop Oasis Holístico in greenery, protecting it from the harsh glare of sunlight that projects geometric shadows along the façade and lends an internal-external space with a cool and warm ambience. Devising their final scheme, the designers carried out research in user journeys and developed a visionary concept to determine which spaces of the house were to meld into one another and how.


Throughout Oasis Holístico, concrete, brick, wood, metal, terrazzo and ceramic are configured in formal and minimalist expressions. Their raw materiality is contrasted by additional, often subtle, details of geometric and figurative patterns

oasis holistico 4
the runway floating over the greenery

oasis holistico 3
transition spaces contained by jasmine and honeysuckle



oasis holistico 7
the soothing sound of water

oasis holistico 6
reception area embraces the visitor with a more human scale


oasis holistico 11
outdoor meditation space marked by IDTBI’s art piece, Saturno

oasis holistico 12
wood composition in transition spaces

oasis holistico 1
metallic brise soleil peeking above the concrete mural



project info:


name: Oasis Holístico

location: Lima, Peru

designer: Kazeta Lima 

architecture: Nikolas Carpio Comitre, IDTBI Daniel Torres Calderón, Sergio Valentín Heine

landscaping: Melissa Quiroz

mural: Conrad Florez



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