in a continuing critique of the skycraper typology, ODA new york re-imagines the role of high rises with its ‘seattle tower’. the occupant of a typical skyscraper is found isolated high above city streets, disconnected from neighbors and from the surrounding context. this shift toward vertical living has created a community of voyeurs and observers, rather than participants. this typology lacks any element of social interaction and disconnects occupants from the outside world. this may be in part because technology has not historically supported bold such architectural concepts as floor plans that actually open up to nature, or — with ODA’s envisioned seattle tower — an amenity garden on the 53rd floor.

ODA sculpts its proposed seattle tower with elevated, undulating garden space
all images courtesy of ODA new york



sited in downtown seattle, ODA’s proposed tower expresses a sculptural void in its center that contains amenities offering views to mount rainier. the design reflects ODA founding principle eran chen’s belief that every city dweller should have access to outdoor space in their homes. the ambition of the project is to create unique suspended gardens that echo the topography of the surroundings. the void in the middle of the tower serves residents two fold — in placing a shared amenity space outdoors, while offering views provided by seattle’s natural beauty.

ODA sculpts its proposed seattle tower with elevated, undulating garden space


ODA new york’s seattle tower expresses powerful new forms, seeking to use architecture to bridge communities and create spaces for connection.
rather than opening a window, the design team seeks ways that the occupant might open a door onto a garden in the sky. these elevated amenities offer views of the sea or mountains in the distance, new places to connect with neighbors in outdoor gardens, open to the breeze. eran chen, founding principal of ODA new york comments: ‘there must be a better way to arrange our homes in our increasingly dense cities where we can enjoy our privacy while acknowledging our neighbors, where we can all access outdoor spaces and feel the sunshine on our face.’

ODA sculpts its proposed seattle tower with elevated, undulating garden space




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title: seattle tower
architecture: ODA new york

progress: design scheme, development on hold