studio odile decq completes a 'green pavilion' greenhouse in paris

studio odile decq completes a 'green pavilion' greenhouse in paris

studio odile decq at Paris+ par art basel


French architecture practice Studio Odile Decq shares ‘The Green Pavilion,’ which had been completed on the occasion of Paris+ par Art Basel. Taking shape as a small glass structure, the pavilion occupies the city’s Jardin des Tuileries, a large public garden beside the Louvre. The project was commissioned for Odile Decq by Galerie Philippe Gravier, which sought a functional and occupiable art piece which will be used as a greenhouse. The work will be showcased within the bucolic site until November 5th, 2022, at which point it will be available for purchase.

odile decq green pavilionimages © Stefan Tuchila | @stefan.tuchila



an exploration of greenhouses for art basel


The architects at Studio Odile Decq describe the spirit of The Green Pavilion: ‘Greenhouses have long nurtured the most delicate and rare species of plants. Such spaces have allowed for collections to be established by those green-fingered among us since the Renaissance. With fruits and vegetables able to go from root to table under the very same roof, it is unsurprising that exquisite orangeries, such as that of Versailles, soon expanded upon their functionality, with many opting to use the space to host a multitude of festivities.’

odile decq green pavilion



the green pavilion: a festive centerpiece in paris


Thus, Studio Odile Decq realizes ‘The Green Pavilion’ to encapsulate the two main functions of the greenhouse. It is at once the protector of plants which require specific conditions to grow, and a host for festive gatherings. The greenhouse in this festive role embodies a central ‘table’ upon which feasts are displayed and enjoyed. The team continues: ‘During the day the glass from which the greenhouse is made allows for bystanders to enjoy the plants it nourishes. In the evening, and with a few candles placed within, passers-by may liken the space to a lantern.’

odile decq green pavilion odile decq green pavilion studio odile decq completes a 'green pavilion' greenhouse in paris


studio odile decq completes a 'green pavilion' greenhouse in paris

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