olson kundig embeds its dalarö house into sweden's rocky coastline

olson kundig embeds its dalarö house into sweden's rocky coastline

american design arrives in sweden


Seattle and New York-based architecture studio Olson Kundig takes to the rugged landscape of Sweden to design its Dalarö House, the team’s first residential project in the country. It stands as a summer retreat that directly integrates the rocky coastline. Nestled into the earth, the home leads visitors down a flagstone pathway toward the water and docks below.


At the heart of the Dalarö House is a spacious great room and an open kitchen, flanked by bedrooms and bathrooms. The interiors exude a rustic beach house atmosphere with oak floors, casework, and ceilings, complemented by tall walls of exposed concrete. To foster a bright and airy atmosphere, clerestory windows allow natural light to penetrate deep into the home, while floor-to-ceiling glazing provides sweeping views across the rocks and water beyond.

dalarö house olson kundig
images © Magnus Marding @magnusmarding



olson kundig embraces the rugged landscape


With its Dalarö House, The architects at Olson Kundig embrace the site’s natural context, which includes an outcropping of granite. Parts of the dwelling are thoughtfully embedded into this rock formation, integrating the architecture into the wild nature. The hardscaping elements, which encircle and intersect with the rock, are designed to make it an integral part of the overall experience, accentuating the vast, scenic views. Further emphasizing the connection to the landscape, the design incorporates natural elements extensively. The exterior features pine siding with a traditional and authentic Scandinavian finish, while a green roof adds a touch of greenery to the structure.

dalarö house olson kundigthe team at Olson Kundig integrates the architecture into the rocky site



dalarö house connects to the site’s history


Sharing its property with the renowned Strindberg Cottage, once the dwelling place of the Swedish writer and painter Johan August Strindberg, the Dalarö House establishes a unique relationship between different architectural languages. Although distinct in their styles, the entry sequence of the Dalarö House pays homage to the color palette of the historic cottage. Inspired by the local pigment known as falun red, widely used in the region’s villages and homes, the architects incorporated this hue into the design, creating a visual connection with the cottage. Notably, the west wing of the Dalarö House was shifted back to create a corner window, framing a south-facing view of the historic cottage and fostering a sense of unity between the two structures.

dalarö house olson kundig
a flagstone pathway leads toward the water and docks below dalarö house olson kundig
oak floors and ceilings are complemented by tall walls of glazing and exposed concrete dalarö house olson kundigfull height windows open out to views of the vast sea beyond


a massive wall of exposed concrete continues from the interior to the exterior

dalarö house olson kundigsunlit bedrooms are finished in warm timber


the house stands as a contemporary retreat nearly isolated within nature



project info:


project title: Dalarö House

architect: Olson Kundig | @olsonkundig

location: Dalarö, Sweden

completion: 2019

photography: © Magnus Marding @magnusmarding


design principal: Tom Kundig

project manager: Chris Gerrick

project architect: Eric Druse

architectural staff: Elisa Renouard, Annie Aldrich

general contractor: Staffan Wincrantz

owner’s representative: Frederic Landell, Stephan Tolstoy

structural, mechanical, electrical engineer: SDP

lighting design: O-

interior design: Louise Liljencrantz Design@liljencrantzdesign

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