oma takes to the capital city of dhaka


Dhaka, the vibrant capital of Bangladesh, is about to see a transformative addition to its skyline by renowned studio OMA. Once built, this 180,000-square-meter office high-rise will rise 150 meters (490 feet), and will become one of the country’s tallest buildings. Leading the charge in its design is OMA Partner Iyad Alsaka, while its development is steered by Dhaka-based real estate developer Shanta Holdings. The Dhaka Tower has officially broken ground, and will soon represent the nation’s role as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.


OMA Partner Iyad Alsaka comments:Our design for Dhaka Tower is inspired by the spirit of Bangladesh’s thriving economy. Its shape expresses the aspirations of a dynamic nation, making a bold statement on the city’s skyline.’

oma dhaka tower bangladeshvisualizations by Filippo Bolognese © OMA



A Beacon in Bangladesh’s Economic surge


The architects at OMA will introduce its Dhaka Tower in Bangladesh after the nation had recently secured its position as the second-largest economy in South Asia — just 50 years after achieving independence. This surge has led to an era of rapid transformation in the heart of Bangladesh, particularly in its capital, Dhaka. This newly unveiled tower will stand at the forefront of this urban transformation and will redefine the city’s skyline. Sited within a growing commercial district on the fringes of Tejgaon, the tower will emerge as the first skyscraper of its height in this neighborhood. Tejgaon, once an industrial epicenter within the city, now serves as the headquarters for a plethora of both local and multinational corporations, setting the stage for Dhaka Tower’s significance in this evolving landscape.

oma dhaka tower bangladesh
visualizations by Filippo Bolognese © OMA



designed with abstracted geometries


The OMA-designed Dhaka Tower will stand along the shores of Hatirjheel Lake in Bangladesh. It is designed as a simple volume of extruded, abstracted shapes. The tower features two triangular floor plates interconnected by a rectangular core with panoramic lifts that open to sweeping vistas of the picturesque lake. This layout maximizes the infusion of natural daylight and grants uninterrupted views of the surroundings. The building’s orientation, together with strategically employed fritted glass, balances the play of light within.

oma dhaka tower bangladesh
visualizations by Filippo Bolognese © OMA



Rather than adhering to the conventional zoning envelope of a tower atop a podium, Dhaka Tower defies norms with its pyramidal base. This innovative approach creates grand atriums that merge with beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces. As visitors step into these triple-height lobbies, they are greeted with a lofty and versatile space suitable for banquet dinners and presentations. The atmosphere of Dhaka’s waterscape inspires a bespoke pattern adorning both atriums. What’s more, the base houses an expansive exhibition space, reaching a towering height of 40 meters (130 feet). A restaurant at the top of the building will offer visitors both indoor and outdoor seating while a publicly accessible two-tier observation deck will open out toward panoramic views of the city below.



project info:


project title: Dhaka Tower

architecture: OMA |

location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

developer, client: Shanta Holdings | @shantaholdings

status: Construction

visualizations: Filippo Bolognese | @filippobolognese.images © OMA 



partner: Iyad Alsaka
project director: Carol Patterson

project architect: Jonathan Telkamp
team: Shatha Altoyan, Margarida Amial, Anita Ernodi, Marco Gambare, Lucien Glass, Alicja Krzywinska, Titouan Pierre Loup Chapouly, Adrianne Fisher, Lucien Emile Glass, Davide Masserini, Roza Matveeva, Bart Nicolaas, Jozef Olsavsky, Daan Ooievaar, Michael den Otter, Ana Otelea, Margarida Preza Amial, Saskia Simon, Iason Stathatos, Anahita Tabrizi, Timothy Jerrie Tse, Karolina Szczygiel, Camilla Busk Wisborg, Michele Zambetti, Yushang Zhang


local architect: DWm4 Architects
structure, MEP: Meinhardt Group
facade engineer: Meinhardt Façade Technology

landscape: One Landscape
lighting: Lightbox
fire: IGnesis Consultants