OMA tops tiffany & co. new york flagship with a glass 'blue box'

OMA tops tiffany & co. new york flagship with a glass 'blue box'

a new york icon revived by oma 


Tiffany & Co. and OMA — both renowned New York institutions — have completed the transformative journey to revitalize the luxury brand’s flagship store at 727 Fifth Avenue. The project takes shape as a glass extension atop the existing location which had stood along the famous street for over eighty years. Discover the architectural vision behind the renovation, led by OMA partner Shohei Shigematsu, which breaks the potential monotony of a single-brand retail space and create a cohesive narrative between the historic building and the contemporary intervention.


Although the flagship has long stood as an iconic fixture on Fifth Avenue, its public perception has often been limited to its famous ground floor. Recognizing the need for change, the renovation project sets out to reimagine the entire flagship, introducing a series of interventions that encompass reprogramming, preservation, and innovative spatial expressions.

oma tiffany new yorkimages © Floto + Warner | @cassieflotowarner



combatting the heritage building’s scale


While the Tiffany & Co. flagship occupying a ten-story building solely dedicated to retail, the architects at OMA combat the potential monotony by exploring ways to maximize the potential of scale — visitors are met with a diverse and engaging experience throughout the entire building. By reorganizing and rezoning the retail programs, a more fluid circulation is achieved from the ground level to the upper floors, encouraging exploration and discovery.


Being a heritage brand housed in a historic building presents an opportunity and a challenge in terms of communicating a cohesive narrative. The renovation addresses this by establishing a new dimension within Tiffany’s retail ecosystem — an exhibition, event, and clientele space on the rooftop. This dedicated space not only broadcasts an evolving brand identity but also serves as a platform for hosting new initiatives, reinforcing Tiffany’s commitment to innovation and adaptability.

oma tiffany new york



the glass rooftop extension in ‘tiffany blue’


The new extension by OMA introduces a modern and captivating architectural feature that enhances the overall aesthetic of the Tiffany flagship. A straight, vision glass façade, set back from the existing building envelope, provides panoramic views of the city and Central Park, offering visitors a breathtaking experience. Moreover, the client floor, extending over a wraparound terrace, is enveloped by a slumped glass façade. This unique combination of flat and slumped glass not only adds structural integrity but also creates a mirrored effect, ensuring privacy from the exterior while preserving transparency for views from within.


The new extension, resembling a soft curtain, stands as an elegant contrast to the towering glass buildings surrounding the landmark location. Its unique texture and the symbolic ‘blue box’ appearance, especially when illuminated at night in Tiffany Blue, signify the beginning of a renewed identity for both the flagship and the brand itself. This architectural addition serves as a visual representation of Tiffany’s commitment to reinvigorate its presence while staying true to its heritage.

oma tiffany new york

oma tiffany new york oma tiffany new york


oma tiffany new york




project info: 


project title: Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue Flagship

architecture: OMA / Shohei Shigematsu

location: 727 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

completion: May 2023

previous coverage: August 2020

photography: Floto + Warner | @cassieflotowarner


partner: Shohei Shigematsu
associate: Jake Forster
project architect: Caroline Corbett, Ninoslav Krgovic
team: Marie-Claude Fares, Richard Nelson-Chow, Tommaso Bernabo Silorata, Clement Mathieu, Kevin Larson, Leone Di Robilant, Adam Vosburgh, Anahita Tabrizi, Avo Keuyalian, Jackie Woon Bae, Henrik Gjerstad, Cameron Fullmer, Ge Zhou, Patricio Fernandez Ivanschitz, Timothy Cheng, Mark Jongman- Sereno, Shary Tawil


interior architect (GF–F10): Peter Marino Executive Architect: Callison RTKL Structure: WSP
façade consultant: Heintges Consulting Architects & Engineers P.C
façade manufacturer: Seele (glass by Sunglass)
lighting: Tillotson
AV: Theater Projects
acoustics: Cerami Associates / Henderson Engineers
vertical transportation: Edgett Williams Consulting Group
sustainability: Paladino & Co.
client rep/project managers/costing: MACE Group
general contractor: Structuretone

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