omar gandhi embeds an overlook into nova scotia's rocky coast of peggy's cove

omar gandhi embeds an overlook into nova scotia's rocky coast of peggy's cove

timber on rocks


toronto and halifax-based architect omar gandhi integrates its ‘peggy’s cove’ overlook into the rocky shores of nova scotia. the timber intervention is developed with great respect for the otherwise barren landscape. the team also designs with respect for the local families and character of their village, and for visitors of all abilities to share in the atmosphere and spirit that is embedded in the iconic canadian natural landmark.


prioritizing this theme of respect, the team proceeded with a sensitive touch, and addressed many long-standing issues to help the community plot a sustainable, resilient, and welcoming path forward. the work threads itself into a multi-faceted context which includes quaint fishing shacks in the cove together with the barren landscape near the rocks.

peggy's cove omar gandhiimages © maxime brouillet | @maximebrouillet



the rough conditions at peggy’s cove


architect omar gandhi notes the challenges of building a structure of any kind in the harsh environment of peggy’s cove. to minimize the risk to the new built space, extensive wave modeling was undertaken to ensure the main components were situated at an elevation that protects against the strong waves which continually strike the coastline. this thoughtful placement also considers the effects that future sea level rise will have on peggy’s cove. 

peggy's cove omar gandhi



the design by omar gandhi


omar gandhi architect selects a material palette based on local availability and familiarity to the community. to the design team, it was important that the construction blend in with long-established building principles and entrenched material culture of the area. the viewing platform is carefully tucked away and embedded into the landscape to minimize any impact it may have on the sweeping views.


guard rails comprise both open netting to allow wind to pass through maintain views, while solid sections provide relief from the wind at specific sections along the way. the new walking surface connects the two primary access points to the site, providing both new connections and opportunities for people to engage within the community, and reinforcing the need for further amenities to support and disperse the crowds of visitors that arrive each year.

peggy's cove omar gandhi
the timber intervention is developed with great respect for the otherwise barren landscape peggy's cove omar gandhi
the structure nestles into the rocks with minimal impact

omar gandhi embeds an overlook into nova scotia's rocky coast of peggy's coveomar gandhi architect introduces a new topography to the harsh landscape


a material palette is selected to respect the built and natural languages of the context

peggy's cove omar gandhithe platform is situated at an elevation which protects it from the harsh waves


the low, unobtrusive platform celebrates views across the scenic coastline



project info:


project title: peggy’s cove viewing platform
architecture: omar gandhi architect | @og_architect
location: nova scotia, canada
general engineering: harbourside engineering, englobe
landscape: trim landscaping
client: develop nova scotia
design team: jordan rice, omar gandhi, kelly cameron, kaitlin wierstra, jeff shaw, justin cormie, chad jamieson, kristi macdonald
consultants: EDM planning services, thompson conn limited, gemtech consulting engineers & scientists, tate engineering, boreas heritage, greytop construction, CBCL engineering
completion: october, 2021
photography: © maxime brouillet | @maximebrouillet

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