architectural firm omniview has completed its first residential project titled ‘one kleomenous’, located in the heart of athens, greece. the building is a private house with an organic marble facade, that spreads over 11 floors: 6 above and 5 below ground level. the distinct appearance of the design sits appropriately next to the natural elements of the site, while aknowledging the inherent modernity of contemporary urban surroundings. 

one kleomenous athens 3

all images courtesy of omniview



the facade of the building by omniview is quite possibly one of the biggest operations in CAD – CAM marble worldwide. it is made out of 2290 pieces of CNC cut marble that were manufactured to precision and assembled on site by a team of 30 people consisting of architects, project managers, sculptural engineers, stonemasons, steelmakers, sculptors and various other artists. all interior spaces are completely custom made and most of them are the outcome of CAD – CAM application.



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the most prominent interior element is the entrance to the house, highlighted by a 9-meter inhabitable fiberglass bridge over a shallow pool. the bedroom, living room and penthouse feature a new concept on furniture: solid marble benches are morphed off from the floor that is made of the same material. solid wood CNC-milled high gloss lacquered forms articulate the bed and bathroom in the master bedroom. the staircase leading from the main lounge area to the penthouse, is a 100% scripted geometry. a parametric design that has as sole input one trajectory curve, it is comprised of 23 steps, each of which then continues to becomes a bookshelf.


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project info:


name: one kleomenous

architecture office: omniview

architectural design: dimitrios tsigos

project management: john tsigos

senior architects / designers: kate karagianni

architects / designers: christina tsakiri, marina karamali, danai diou

location: one kleomenous st, kolonaki, athens




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom