‘4 houses’

on office, a portuguese based architectural firm was asked to develop 4 houses within a very small site outside of oslo, providing the same relationship with the landscape as the other neighbouring houses.

the result was a proposal for a four stacked villas, orientated towards a small river that cross the site, where each house enjoys a private garden. the internal layout is simple and efficient, shaped to meet the landscape of the exterior.

this proposed design follows the same architectural atmosphere of the neighbourhood, where nature and landscape dominate the land between houses. the houses all have a private garden, and no fences. privacy is achieved by strategically positioning green elements between family houses.

on office: 4 housesinterior

on office: 4 houses

on office: 4 houses

on office: 4 houses the scheme of the house follows a modular prefabricated wooden panel system.

on office: 4 houses

on office: 4 housesfront view

on office: 4 housessite plan of all 4 houses

on office: 4 housessectional