norway is considered to have the best conditions in the world for utilizing offshore wind power. the coastline of stavanger, norway is the longest and windiest in europe and is largely unsaturated with turbines. the oil industry has given the country expertise in offshore foundations as well as investment capital to pursue this. norway has half of europe’s hydropower to couple wind power. the EU commission has committed to deriving 20%

of its total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. norway has the capacity to surpass this goal and become an exporter of the EU’s newest tradeable good – renewable energy. norway needs a way to propel wind power via a flagship wind farm to promote and celebrate its investment.



‘turbine city’ with central structure turbinby stavanger



on office wants to take advantage of the country’s weather, geography, resources and technology and harness this wind power. their concept, ‘turbine city’, would utilize offshore wind turbines as a means of creating potential for tourism. the proposal would see the integration of a hotel, spa and museum built in a turbine within an offshore wind farm. just 1MW from 8MW turbines would be enough to power the entire facility. the proposal of this idea could bring tourists, sailors, offshore oil-workers and cruiseships to the area, where people would be able to experience first hand the advantages and the spectacle of turbines, increasing awareness and support of this endeavour.

stavanger, norway is already known for many of its natural attractions. it is also the oil capital of the country. however, it could use some economic momentum to rebrand itself in time for the ‘sustainable revolution’. turbinby stavanger could create a new iconic landmark which could be comparable to the architectural symbols of th world (i.e. the empire state building, new york, the coliseum, rome, the eiffel tower, paris), without clashing with the city’s historical image.



on office: turbine city idea of what the turbine city could look like



on office: turbine city aerial view



on office: turbine city the turbinby structure within ‘turbine city’ – the proposed design which would combine hotel, spa and museum



on office: turbine city interior view of turbinby



on office: turbine city offshore wind turbines have a huge potential for tourism



on office: turbine city creating a new icon for norway – combining tourism with turbines



on office: turbine city possible typologies



on office: turbine city the increasing scale of turbines allows for habitable space within the turbine



on office: turbine city aerial view of ‘turbine city’ and turbinby



on office: turbine city division of the various levels – lobby, shopping, dining, exhibition



on office: turbine city pool level



on office: turbine city massage and spa level



on office: turbine city hotel levels