sculpturally expressing the fragmented, deconstructivist style, chinese studio aoe architects designs and builds its ‘one sino park’ along a cliffside of chongqing, china. integrated into a mountain face, the completed structure covers three thousand square meters and rises four levels over the rocky landscape. the main entrance of the multi-use facility is located on the third level, providing access to the main sales center functional areas, including exhibition space, which span the second and third floors. embracing the sales center, the ground floor features a heated swimming pool and health club, while a small art gallery occupies the fourth floor.

aoe one sino park
all images by huang ligang



with ‘one sino park’, aoe architects highlights the relationships between architecture, nature, and the people of chongqing with a dramatic deconstructivist language. the work enhances visitors’ spatial experience through a design-oriented interpretation of contemporary lifestyles. the concept targets large-scale urban architecture as a host for community vitality through public participation and interaction, inspiring people to enhance their life experiences going forward. the open planned organization of sales offices breaks with tradition, promoting a more inclusive environment that promotes interaction. the gallery space on the top level will continually evolve as an integral part of the interactive theme, with plans to develop the space into a community art center in the near future.

aoe one sino park



from its exterior, the building integrates the geometries and forms of surrounding natural rock formations, generated by aoe architects through deconstructivist techniques. with this spatial character, the design team carefully studied a wide range of material characteristics and their effect on shadow and light. stainless-steel, abundant glass, and acrylic light rods serve to brightly contrast the building’s more cavernous elements. large sections of the structure are cantilevered by steel columns, with composite plates inserted to reduce the overall load. this combination contributes to the irregular freehand brushwork facade of the building’s walls.

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project info:


project title: one sino park

architecture: aoe architects

location: chongqing, china

photography: huang ligang