‘jkc1’ by ONG&ONG, bukit timah, singapore all images © ong&ong




singapore-based practice ONG&ONG has completed ‘jkc1’, a single family residence in bukit timah, singapore. visitors enter through a series of elevated wooden platforms which lead to a swimming pool deck. a void within the stacked stone perimeter wall leads into the ground level dining and living area. resting above the windowless solid enclosure, textured concrete bands beginning at the first level floor plates and roofline frame an upper level veranda which extends to overlook the front and back yards. floor-to-ceiling glass windows border the bedrooms, providing privacy with moveable wooden screens while sliding doors allow direct access to the continuous balcony.

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house front elevation




on the first floor, a vegetated outdoor courtyard partitions with glass panels introduces streams of natural light to the surrounding interior corridors as well as the staircase from the dining and living areas. a spiral steel stair within the rock garden leads to a roof terrace with panoramic views into the canopies of nearby trees.

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house stepped wooden platforms leading to the ground level spaces

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house sliding doors recede into the exterior walls opening the interior to the veranda

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house living and dining area

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house (left) stairs to bedrooms (right) upper level corridor

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house glass enclosed courtyard contains steel staircase to roof terrace

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house natural light filters to ground level through the courtyard

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house outdoor stair leading to roof terrace

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house view of roof terrace from spiral stair

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house study

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house access to balcony

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house entrance to bedroom from covered veranda

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house entrance to bedroom from covered veranda

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house bedroom

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house kitchen

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house property at dusk

ONG&ONG: jkc1 house at night