located within the omotesando area in tokyo, japan, oniki design studio (ODS) has completed the design for the ‘studious’ apparel select shop. standing among several other clothing stores, the two-floor boutique has been designed to showcase all the latest trends efficiently and to attract fashion-conscious people. 

studious omotesando 1



on the first floor of the fully-glazed building by oniki design studio, right at the entrance, there is a stage where various events can be held – such as a limited-time pop-up store. glass and hollow polycarbonate sheets were selected as the main materials in order to form a transparent and open-plan space. the steps of the stage and the base of the clothes racks are made of laminated glass plates (15mm thick), and a large light fixture installed on the ceiling is a combination of LED tubes and hollow polycarbonate boards.

studious omotesando 2



at the top of the stairs along a golden painted wall, a more serene space unfolds. on the second floor, a large semi-circular pillar with displays stands in the center, where white ceiling strips surface and a blue carpet spreads out. the wall in the back combines a mirror with hollow polycarbonate boards -same with the ones used on the first level- generating a soft, reflective finish. this small space was designed with the symbolic pillar as the centerpiece, so that the whole scene emerges and develops dramatically around it.

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project info:


name: studious omotesando
designer: oniki design studio (ODS)




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