‘chimney house’ by onix in bosschenhoofd, the netherlandsall images courtesy onixphotographer: mark secuur

‘the chimney house’ by netherlands-based architecture practice onix is a two-storey private house in the village of bosschenhoofd. recognizing the chimney as a disappearing architecture feature of this century, the design exaggerates its presence by assigning different sizes, shapes and functions to the object.

onix: chimney house exterior view

located on a site bound by a forest and agricultural land, the house is oriented for optimal lighting and views. a simple saddleback roof form references the structural archetype of the local area while the wood panelling finish lends the dwelling an unassuming presence in its surroundings. a total of four smoke-stack forms emerge from the roof at various points and heights resulting in a playful silhouette that distinguishes the house from a distance. other than serve as channels for the hearth, the chimneys also facilitate light to the interior.

onix: chimney house interior view 

continuing the language of the facade to the living space, the interior is singularly finished with wood panelling measuring 20 cm wide. a more intimate second floor is inserted under the pitched ceiling and overlook the ground level which is arranged around a transparent corner of floor-to-ceiling glass. a large box-like volume, which resembles an exaggerated chimney form in the house’s profile, provides additional space to the upper level.

onix: chimney house living space

onix: chimney house (left) fireplace (right) approach

onix: chimney house on site