OODA plans 'hora vertikale' as a vertical village of thirteen stacked cubes for tirana

OODA plans 'hora vertikale' as a vertical village of thirteen stacked cubes for tirana

hora vertikale: a vertical settlement for tirana


Portuguese architecture studio OODA has recently unveiled the design for Hora Vertikale, a unique stacked tower with a clustered facade, set to redefine Tirana‘s skyline. With an above-ground area of 55,000 square meters and a towering height of 140 meters, the first phase of construction has received the green light and is scheduled to commence next spring. Promised to become a groundbreaking project for the Albanian capital, Hora Vertikale introduces a vertical settlement, or ‘Hora’ in ancient Albanian. Beyond the towering residential structures, a new park and an array of amenities will be open for residents and visitors. The project extends its reach to engage the local community, envisioning a unique vertical village within a sprawling green city.

ooda hora vertikale tiranaimages © Plomp



ooda draws from the city’s complex urban fabric


In its pursuit to mirror the bustling nature of Tirana with Hora Vertikale, the architects at OODA places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The use of materials sourced locally from Albania not only minimizes the carbon footprint but also supports the local economy. The design integrates urban and rural elements, intending to transform the towers into iconic landmarks. These structures promise a monumental presence while aiming for an atmosphere that is distinctly local, all with unique elevations and shifting perspectives from different vantage points across the city. From a distance, Hora Vertikale’s buildings reveal distinct elevations, an abstract symbol of Tirana’s mixed fabric. Up close, the project’s playful interplay becomes evident as the compositions step back from the main road towards the park at the rear.

ooda hora vertikale tirana
OODA’s Hora Vertikale stands out with a unique stacked tower concept to redefine Tirana’s skyline



a tower of thirteen stacked cubes


Employing abstraction and synthesis as fundamental tools, OODA seeks to offer a specific interpretation of Tirana’s unique character with Hora Vertikale. The entire project is conceived using seven different types of cubes, each encompassing seven stories — an average height characteristic of most buildings in Tirana. Each cube embodies a unique concept related to art and is inspired by local vernacular. The initial building phase comprises thirteen cubes, each measuring 22.5 meters by 22.5 meters at three different heights. This intentional arrangement imparts a fluid and dynamic profile to the composition, setting the stage for Hora Vertikale to become a landmark in Tirana’s architectural landscape.

ooda hora vertikale tirana
the project will use locally-sourced materials to minimize its carbon footprint and support the local economy ooda hora vertikale tirana
Hora Vertikale introduces a vertical settlement with a vibrant park and amenities for residents and visitors OODA plans 'hora vertikale' as a vertical village of thirteen stacked cubes for tirana
the design integrates urban and rural elements to shape an iconic landmark with a local atmosphere


playful compositions step back from the main road, creating a transition in scale towards the park at the rear

OODA plans 'hora vertikale' as a vertical village of thirteen stacked cubes for tirana
Hora Vertikale employs abstracted shapes to create a unique interpretation of Tirana’s unique fabric


seven different cube types, each with seven stories, symbolize art concepts inspired by local vernacular


physical model
physical model

project info:


project title: Hora Vertikale

architecture: OODA | @oodaarchitecture

location: Tirana, Albania

local architects: Artech 

landscape: P4 — Artes e Técnicas da Paisagem

engineering: LAIII — Lopes Associates

visualizations: © Plomp | @plo.mp

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