ooi yin mau architects’ east + west proposal for 1+1 art centre in beijing
all images courtesy of ooi yin mau architects




malaysian studio ooi yin mau architects received an honorable mention in the beijing 1+1 art centre competition for their proposal ‘east + west’. the concept aims to provide a contemporary, high-end space for retail display and sale of designer objects and artworks.

ooi yin mau architects east west proposal




the 1+1 freeport art centre — already existing; located in beijing, china — is composed of several interconnected exhibition zones that are capable of hosting a range of exhibitions and events. it was the design teams challenge to integrate new functions into these existing spaces, without compromising existing capabilities and spatial flexibility.

ooi yin mau architects east west proposal
reception desk 




‘east + west’ centers itself around silk, the once (and still, though to a much lesser degree) precious gift from china to the world. with the appearance of a blurred, dream like space, the gallery is filled with ‘silk’ like strands made of black-painted steel rods. the material’s together form a constantly shifting array of transparent views, changing with each progressing step through the space.





the merging of ‘east + west’, ancient and modern, is conveyed via 21st century design thinking and materials. the space allows for the installation and delivery of works of any size, and all poles are easily removable. a slight upgrade in lighting enables a richer visual experience, and existing white walls are highlighted with floor lights to bounce luminance throughout. 

ooi yin mau architects east west proposal
VIP Room 

ground floor plan 



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