OOIIO architecture has realized the ‘casa bus’ residence on the mountains of sierra de madrid, in spain, designed to provide peace and relaxation away from the chaos of the bustling city. with a variety of flora and fauna, clean natural ponds, hiking routes, and a pleasant mediterranean climate, the mountainous location serves a popular escape destination for locals in need of a ‘home away from home’.

bus house 1
street facade shadowplay
all images courtesy of OOIIO architecture



formed as a modern house in a rural setting, ‘casa bus’ by OOIIO was initially proposed as a place of recreation and rest for an urban family who seeks to experience life in the village from time to time. however, since the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of holiday or weekend homes have become excellent options for habitual residences. ‘the depth of the social, economic, health and urban changes that will come after the end of the pandemic are currently unknown, but everything points to the fact that homes in rural areas close to cities are already becoming a very attractive life option for many’ the studio shares. 

bus house 2
the backyard at ground floor level



due to the sloping terrain of the region, the building had to adapt to the incline by forming a terrace with a pleasant backyard, positioned higher than the entrance street itself. like many other ‘second homes’, the ‘casa bus’ is a spacious, cheap dwelling, (in the city you could never build for the same price on such a large lot), built according to contemporary sustainable standards, located in a healthy environment, while preserving all the comforts of modern life and being in close proximity to the city.

bus house 3
the relaxing backyard

bus house 4
shadowplay on the house facade

bus house 5
the porch

bus house 6
night view

bus house 8
the house corner 

bus house 9
the main facade

bus house 10
detail of how the house touches the adjacent old stone wall 

bus house 11
house entry

bus house 12
street view



project info:


name: bus house

architecture office: OOIIO architecture

project team: joaquín millán villamuelas, boris stoimenov, paula pérez escudero, alexander kosenko

location: bustarviejo, madrid

area: 181 m2


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