‘villa 24’ by *multiplicities all image courtesy *multiplicities

new york architectural firm multiplicities have designed ‘villa 24’ for the ordos project in inner mongolia, china. with their design they have incorporated multiple terraces at different levels providing views of the landscape. the exterior of the is built using a modular brick system, while the interior is constructed with white plaster. black brick was chosen as the material of choice as it absorbs heat. ‘x’ shape funnels inside the villa provide access to the various sections such as the atrium, a living room, pool and sauna.

ordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ detailordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ interior detail

ordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ interiorordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ detail

ordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ elevation section

ordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ elevation sectionordos 100: *multiplicities ‘villa 24’ elevation drawing