villa for ordos 100 all images © tham & videgard arkitekter




swedish firm tham & videgard hansson arkitekter have designed a villa for the ordos 100 project in inner mongolia, china. using a new topography that takes full advantages of its surroundings the house starts with the pool at lower garden level and reaches up to the top roof terrace open to the sky. interior spaces follow the movement, a rising spiral around the structural core, the stairs. as a result the program is distributed on a series of interior terraces. predominant materials used are exposed concrete (facades, floors, ceiling and core-staircase), plywood panel on interior walls, etched glass and ceramic for pools.

ordos 100: tham & videgard arkitekter structural core of villa

ordos 100: tham & videgard arkitekter interior plan

ordos 100: tham & videgard arkitekter pool and garden plan